My evil i-Pod had just died 3 weeks post warranty so in protest I went back to cd’s. I made a new car cd for listening on surfari down to South Jersey. “Yellow Pills” was the obvious opener. After that came “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” by the Arctic Monkeys. 22 tracks later I was finished and needed a title. I scribbled “now that’s what I call bullshit” around the hole in the middle, referencing a series of popular top 40 cd’s. I liked it so much that I made another one the next week. I called it “now that’s what I call bullshit 2”. I made one every week for the next 16 weeks. Then I got hit by a car on my bike, which is a whole other story. Anyway, it interrupted my flow. When I resumed production I made them slightly less often, but now there are almost 50. Today I named the blog now that’s what I call bullshit where music worth listening to hangs out.

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  1. ok … i am settling in to this blog now where are paintings? i am digging the words and i don’t like to read in general… i have to be hooked fast i prefer to be read to before i go to sleep … like a little boy… i guess my hard knocks has made me a little senile … that’s why my favorite author is jonathan ames… very simple but if you read between the lines there is a great complex infrastructure … i too love chicago art ensemble … i heard a great quote in some weird movie which was jazz is about breaking rules… you learn and master the art and then unlearn everything you know … painting has always been like that for me

  2. Alan, tracked you down through Dean Van Eimeren. How the hell are you and why NJ? Some of Jerry Nicholson’s old students are planning a get together to honor him maybe late summer/early fall. Drop me an email, phone number so we can catch-up

    Phil Buck

  3. I have a music blog too– nothing big, just for personal reference. It’s actually more like a journal. In any case, how do I post the songs on there? You have a great system with Flash, and I’m completely at a loss. Help it out! Also, I admire your work here.. Totes.

  4. Sorry I took so long to respond. I’ll send some ideas to your email address. K?

  5. Hello Buzz Baby Jesus,
    Thank you for including our music (with Jones McGill DeCarlo and the solo material) on your compilation disc. I’m glad you like it and please contact me on Facebook if you’d like. Again many thanks Buzz Baby Jesus and let’s keep in touch–great site and please keep doing it!


    Scott McGill

  6. Your feedback is much appreciated. I have been curating mix tapes for decades. The whole idea is to find sympathetic ears for deserving music.

  7. thanks to you now i get to know spinetta . I have never expected this quality and advance rock wpuld come from Argentina .can’t believe!

  8. He is good. I keep coming back to these albums. Finding treasures like this is why I keep looking.

  9. Where did you find the illustration of Tabby’s Blues Box? I’m trying to find this illustration hi-res for Baton Rouge Blues Festival artwork. I have received permission from the Thomas family to use this image. I’m just trying to find it somewhere. If you could let me know asap, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

  10. Hi there!

    I’m in a duo called Camel Walk, we do a weird brand of comedy music that’s chaotic and quite psychedelic-ish. We released our EP a couple of months ago, just looking for some people to help promote it. Your blog came up on google and it seems like the people who read it may well enjoy what we do. Would you consider making a blog post advertising our album perhaps? If you do we will give you a free download code for said album. Enticing, I know.

    Many thanks,


  11. Hey Ward!!

    I’ve always been a big gun club fan or really should say a fire of love fan. I have been listening to that album for years through all sorts of good and bad shit but never knew why I couldn’t really stand any of the gun club stuff after fire of love. Well after watching some random documentary on you tube the answer came screaming through in all its distorted glory! its you! your guitar playing is what gets me man! for example on songs like fire spirit theres parts where the vocals are kind of shit but your guitar playing keeps one listening. Thanks for all you’ve done!

  12. Long before AMNH
    In the clay rich soils of Salem-Clarksburg WVA circa ’68 on a small art’centeric commune w/ a jug band Bert Janisch was king (when I wasn’t listening to blues)
    Hope you are well Alan
    Jackie & Brooks

  13. I do agree that Sailing shoes is the best Little Feat lp hands down. You said that you never listened to thanks I’ll Eat here, but you need to hear 20 million things on that record. Gives me goosebumps. In regards to not listening to anything after Sailing Shoes, there is a song on The Last Record Album called Long Distance Love that I believe is about his relationship with Linda. Great song, just so you know. Long live Lowell.

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