Neil Young Wonderin’ about Chrome Dreams


Did You Hear Something?

Did You Hear Something?

Neil and me go way back.  Harvest was the first non Beatles album I ever bought.   He has managed to stay an artist and avoid becoming a self parody and a hack, like Lou Reed.

Here are a handful of odd gems.  “Wonderin'”  is the only great song by Neil and The Shocking Pinks from Everybody’s Rockin’, although it dates from much earlier.  Chrome Dreams is the title of an unreleased Neil Young album.  It would have come after Zuma,  but instead he recorded and released American Stars And Bars in 1977.  Of course it can be found and downloaded without too much trouble.  “Homegrown” was remade for Ragged Glory.  “Too Far Gone” features Frank Sampedro on mandolin.
Inlay Back - Chrome Dreams
The rest of the tunes come from a bootleg called Hard To Find.
“Don’t Spook The Horse” was included on The Mansion On The Hill Ep, “Pushed It Over The End” is live and might be the version left off Decade, and “Last Trip To Tulsa” is also live and might be from 1974.  Or 1969.
War Song
“War Song” was a 1972 single by Neil and Graham Nash, and written in support of George McGovern’s bid to overthrow Nixon.
It has been out of print until recently. It is now available on Neil’s massive, and expensive new Archives set.

War Song
Last Trip To Tulsa
Too Far Gone
Pushed It Over The End
Don’t Spook The Horse

Neil ripping on a "flying V"

Neil ripping on a "flying V"

8 thoughts on “Neil Young Wonderin’ about Chrome Dreams

  1. “Last Trip” sounds like Time Fades Away era…don’t know where I’ve heard that one but it’s familiar somehow along with “War Song”. I just pulled out an old promo poster last week of The Shocking Pinks record and I was going to hang it in the guitar shop but it’s too big…you’re right “Wonderin'” is the only decent tune but the image on the cover/poster is cool! Kinda like the “This Notes For You” deal…maybe just way to formulated program music. I like the photos you picked for this blog! Once way back in the 70’s I went to see Steven Stills at UCLA and the only reason we went was because we were hoping Neil Young would show up and guess what? He did. He played the whole show. This predated the Stiils Young Band record. You could easily cut every Stills song from that record and have a Young killer EP. Oh yeah, back to the pictures…I took some great pictures of Neil that night at UCLA…they also played an acoustic set for about a half hour featuring just the two of them and it was beautiful and amazing. I guess I should get my photos in a digital format so people can check ’em out. Vampire Blues should have been the theme song to oust those George Bush jerk-asses outta office! Thanks for the great post!

  2. Got a good boot called “Love Art Blues” a while back, with “Bad fog of Loneliness”, “Out of my Mind” “Stringman” and a few alternate versions and live stuff. There’s another boot called “Hard to find”, which has most of the rest of the “unreleased” 70s stuff. Now, with archival releases Vols 1-1000 cluttering up my wish list, and no Blu-ray player to play them on, I’ve got the Love Neil Blues.

  3. Just noticed you culled this from Hard to Find. Wish I’d learned to read, instead of listening to all that Mau-Mau music when I was a wee-nut.

  4. Feel free to download my post it’s a nice Neil extended ep. You can find a lot of related material, including Chrome Dreams in it’s entirety, at Grateful Breed in my blogroll.

  5. Tried to access it through Facebook previously, without success, but now have it as a Google fave. Got to argue with you sometime about Neil Young, based mainly on my peripheral, but very direct experience with the whole CSNY crowd while livin’ in the Bay Area. Also, at least in my estimation, Neil may still be one of the most incompetent well-known guitar players gigging today, while Crazy Horse gets my vote as the most unintentionally arhythmic ensemble of all time (no pun originally intended), albeit barely beating out Procol Harum for the grand prize!

  6. Oh my brother, you have no idea what a long-winded critic I can be at times, but thanx for inviting me to spew some more! As for the CSNY story, it goes as follows, in a nutshell: Steve Stills owned a building on lower Nob Hill in which I briefly rented an apartment, circa 1973. A little bit later in time, I worked with Ed Stiles, installing custom surrounds and other built-in wood furniture in Graham Nash’s home studio. Down the hall was a darkroom used by David Crosby’s father, who was doing large format printing in there almost every day. And right after that, I worked with Roger Sommers (who lived next door to Ed, way down in a cul-de-sac off the road to Muir Woods), as well as 80-100 other artisans, building a teak-clad custom touring bus for Neil Young. Neil also drove recklessly on the backroads near his property off the Pacific Coast Highway, south of San Francisco, and closed off a traditional public access through his land to the beach, which raised the hackles of many neighbors and others from the surrounding area.

  7. my Neil collection has most of these song spread over 3 different boots: Legend of the Loner, On the Beaches and Chromium Dreams. Regarding the much-maligned CSNY, the Human Hwy version here is CSNY’s finest moment—was meant to be the centerpiece of the quartet’s aborted album project from ’76/’77 which they demo-ed in Maui. These world-class clowns did have their moments…

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