Gillian Welch “Pass You By”

I really don’t know a thing about her. This song swings like a motherf*&%er. It comes from a Geffen Records promo cd compilation I bought as a cut-out, and is pretty much the only song worth listening to. It’s also the only music I’ve ever heard of hers and I like it very much. I’d be willing to cross the street to hear more.
gillian welch
Gillian Howard Welch (born October 2, 1967 in New York City) is a singer-songwriter whose musical style combines elements of bluegrass, neotraditional country, Americana, old-time string band music, and folk into a rustic style that she dubs “American Primitive”. Her recordings feature the harmonies and unconventional guitar work of her musical partner, David Rawlings. Welch pronounces her first name with a hard G /ɡ/ rather than /dʒ/.
Welch was born in Manhattan and was adopted when she was three days old. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of four. On her eighth birthday she wished for and got a guitar and lessons, and learned soon to play the guitar. Studying at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Welch discovered bluegrass music through the “mountain soul” stylings of The Stanley Brothers. After a short stint playing bass in a local camp band called Söfa, Welch moved to Boston and studied at the Berklee College of Music.

Pass You By is on this here album from 1996

Pass You By is on this here album from 1996

Pass You By

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  1. Dude-

    Revival and “Hell among the yearlings” are good, but Time (The revelator) is the one you want in your stocking. You could download tracks 1, 4, 10 from Hell, and 1,5,8 from Revival. There may be more good ones, I’m going by memory.

    But “Time” is just great from start to finish. You know, I miss those days when I could walk into Virgin Music and sample stuff. Cooties and earwigs be damned, those cans kept me tuned in. It was there I first heard “Time”, and practically wept it sounded so good. Haven’t kept up with her later stuff, but “Time” is a Sunday morning staple.
    P.S. Q:What did the earwig say when he fell off the mantle piece?
    A: “Earwig go..”

  2. Oh my God! I’ve seen Gillian about six times and one of my favourite records of all time is the one by her called The Revelator. This song you posted is cool and raunchy but you need to listen to the record of which I speak. It’s the most bizarre travelogue…a history lesson melding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley and being on the road and the disillusion of rock and roll. It weaves the most endearing and enduring path through it’s songs…they all intertwine somehow and although it may be the most unlikely of confluence, it works all the way through. She and David Rawlings have a dvd that goes along with this record and it’s a wicked document…just the two of them in the studio.
    People say she was a rich privileged kid and is phony in her seemingly Appalachian approach to music but she is real as the day. Hey Gram Parsons was a rich kid too. There are plenty of well to do assholes who never did anything worth a shit. Sorry to go off about a different disc but this is some perfect and dreamy music. Listen to “Soul Journey” too. Ain’t one bad tune to be found on both discs. It’s about time!

  3. Damn you PV…
    You beat me to it. I was writing at the same time as you but I don’t type that fast.
    Thanks for posting the correct title..TIME (The revelator). I was so excited about this one that I spaced out for a second. Yeah, the first two discs are just slightly hit and miss but worth a listen. No kidding though…not as good as “Time”, Soul Journey is great. Gillian is playing drums and shit! Maybe a little more electric guitar on that one as well. Another interesting footnote…listen to “Friendly Fire” by Ryan Adams. It features Gillian & David and it’s way different than anything they might do but is evident that they smeared their goo on this track. There’s also a track on Ryan’s first solo record where he and David Rawlings have an argument about Morrissey at the beginning of a song. It’s pretty funny.

  4. She was adopted when she was three days old, perhaps her biological parents were authentic. Anyway the point about Gram is true, and it proves that being poor and uneducated is not a prerequisite for having or expressing the blues.
    I’ll look into the items recommended. Thanks.

  5. Just noticed that David Rawlings has a solo record with a song called “Ruby”.
    Damn, that bitch gets around….

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