Happy The Man


Genesis "Happy The Man"

Genesis "Happy The Man"

I don’t know which expensive box set you would need to buy to get this Genesis gem. It has refused to turn up over the years. The only place I’ve ever seen it was an import compilation on their Famous Charisma Label, “Charisma Distubance” from 1973. To further geekify, I’ll add that the compilation was sold as a two record set in a box. A third, unadvertised disc was included labeled “One More Chance”. “Happy The Man” was on that disc.
I had “Charisma Distubance”, but stupidly got rid of it decades ago. I sold my soul to the digital world. A couple years ago, an old friend asked if I wanted his record collection. He shipped it to me in several boxes. There must have been 100 albums. Included were a bunch of my old records. When I had the first great purge, I invited some friends to go through them before I sold them to the record store. Many of the best ones ended up in good homes, where they remain. Anyway my copy of “The Charisma Disturbance” came back, along with this great little ditty. A few months after my friend shipped me the records, his house in Malibu Canyon burned down with everything in it.
I always assumed this song dated to before “Trespass”, but I ran a search and found the following details. 1972 would make it comtemporary with “Foxtrot”

(I wonder what “Seven Stones” sounds like, never even heard of it until just now.)

Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo, released in 1972

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Happy the Man (2:47)
2. Seven Stones (5:06)

Total Time: 7:53
Line-up / Musicians

– Peter Gabriel / vocals, flute
– Steve Hackett / guitars
– Tony Banks / keyboards
– Mike Rutherford / bass, guitars
– Phil Collins / drums
Releases information

7″ Vinyl Charisma CB181 (1972)

from 1973 imported english vinyl:

Happy The Man

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