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I found Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home, released in 1995, in the cut-out bin. Somehow pigeonholed as Alt-Country, this album defies categorization. While Jessy Greene plays violin and cello, nowhere in the credits does it say “fiddle”. It’s really more like the Velvet Underground than anything from Nashville. I believe everything Carla Bozulich says even though my favorite lyric is:

(from “Dragon Lady”)
Everything I say is a stupid lie
I won’t tell the truth even when I die
I’ll pick myself to pieces ’til the end of time
Then I’ll glue them back together in a stupid rhyme

The music is a tasteful balance between noise and music, played with feeling.
I’ve never been able to get into their next, Butch, released in 1997, which I found in the same milk crate as the first, but a year later. I just checked again, and while Carla wrote a decent batch of songs, there have been personnel changes and it just isn’t the same.

The Geraldine Fibbers

The Geraldine Fibbers

The Geraldine Fibbers were an alt-country band founded in 1994 by Carla Bozulich. Initially, band members included Bozulich, Daniel Keenan, Jessy Greene, William Tutton and Kevin Fitzgerald. While Bozulich had previously been known for noisy industrial music (Ethyl Meatplow), The Geraldine Fibbers fused American roots music and blues-influenced punk.

In early 1996, Keenan and Greene departed, to be replaced by Nels Cline, the band shifting to a more guitar-rock sound.

The band later featured Julie Fowells, Jessica Moss, and Leyna Marika P. on violin.

Dragon Lady
A Song About Walls
Blast off Baby
Get Thee Gone

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  1. This is one band that I really tried to get into a couple times. That statement alone should sum it up but I’m gonna drag you through the mud anyway. I have the first record and the Live From The bottom Of The Hill cd. Everyone I know loves them. I guess that being from Pedro there is some kind of cred attached to loving Carla’s music and that’s fine with me. She’s from here you know. I think that as a singer there is no one who can outdo her. She is raw as hell and has, in the next breath, a whisper with the timbre of waves lapping against the rocks. I saw the very first Scarnella perfomance at the Long Beach Museum Of Art and although I found it interesting and I felt hip to be there, it left me cold. Saw the Fibbers on the Queen Mary for the All Tomorrow’s Parties deal curated by Matt Groening. It was cool…but, hmmm. I guess that maybe I was listening to something completely different at the time…I don’t know. Maybe I couldn’t wait to see The Stooges…who knows? I’m gonna say this and I’ll say it at risk of not being cool. I really liked the Ethyl Meatplow stuff…SORRY!
    I will dig through the volumes of shit I have here and dust this stuff off once again. Only because I trust you…sometimes.

  2. I posted the good songs. Dragon Lady is the only essential. I knew nothing about the ‘Pedro connection until I saw Mike Watt’s name in the thing I cut and pasted.
    I would’ve posted a song from “Butch” if I liked any of them. I miss the departed guitar player of the first one. Anyway I like these songs. As I said about “Yellow Pills”, there is no shame in creating one great song.

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