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Some Girls

Some Girls

Here are a couple outtakes from Beggar’s Banquet. “Pay Your Dues” is “Street Fighting Man” with different words and a different mix. The inaudible violin is by Ric Grech, and extra vocals are by Jim King, and Roger Chapman, members of Family.
“Sweet Lucy” is a Bill Wyman composition recorded in 1968 which turned up on Metamorphosis (1975). I’ve never heard it but I’ve read Bill sings lead and this is obviously Mick.
“Still A Fool” is a 10 minute version of a Muddy Waters song. I’m not surprised it didn’t make it onto one of the best albums by anyone, ever, but it’s worth giving a spin. They manage to maintain the vibe all the way through.
“Memo From Turner” is not probably an outtake, but was recorded the at the same time (March 1968) as “Pay Your Dues”, and comes from the soundtrack to Performance and features Ry Cooder, who Keef apparently didn’t get on with. They may have been trying him out as a possible replacement for Brian Jones. It’s a great tune. It’s great not to buy the whole soundtrack. It’s a cool movie I once watched on a double bill with A Clockwork Orange tripping out of my skull.

Pay Your Dues
Sweet Lucy
Still A Fool
Memo From Turner

Thanks DV for the file.

Thanks DV for the file.

6 thoughts on “Stone Artifacts

  1. Yes! Perfomance is a great film but it reminds me, only because it’s a film about a concept double bill I had in mind today. Ready? What Is This”” by Crispin Glover and “This Is It”…the new Michael Jackson film. I know I’m stretching it here but I love a good double bill. Try this on for size “The Red Balloon” directed by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse paired with “Red Asphalt”, a series of High School instructional driver’s education videos, with graphic depictions of fatal car accidents. Huh? Who’s tripping out of their skull now? Anyway I must admit that “Memo To Turner” is the very best Stones song…that was never a Stones song. Just like Benjamin Franklin was the only President of The United States…that was never President of The United States. ..but thank fuck for good editing though! That “Pay Your Dues” lyric really bites the chode …and another thing God help us if Ry Cooder had ever joined The Stones! Can you even imagine hearing Mick, or Keith for that matter, singing “One Meatball” on Beggars Banquet? Again, I don’t even believe in God and all that shit so don’t get me wrong. Sweet Lucy? Sorry Bill Wyman couldn’t write his way out of a fog-bank but he’s sure got some sweet getaway sticks! Hubba Hubba!
    Buzzy, I’m sorry that you actually fell for that forged letter from Mick to Andy…I just made the whole thing up in my tiny dinosaur eggshell mind. Looks pretty good don’t it? Please write back saying how much money you would like? Ha! Ha! Ha! (Satanic laughter’s Majesties Request) but take little notice! Love Mick X.
    P.S. This one’s for Brian Jones! You’ll never rest in peace! Godstar!

  2. I try not to intentionally mislead, but my fact checking department is understaffed and underpaid, and usually high on something besides life. In fact, they are usually jerking off to “Grand Theft Auto”, but I keep them on because they have retarded children to support. This letter from Mick to Andy is believable, but I wonder which album it could be they are talking about. Andy did “Sticky Fingers” (1971) and “Love You Live” (1977). The hexagon one maybe. It might be a fake, but I don’t think you wrote it.

  3. Thought I was the only one who bought $20 bootlegs of Stones music, recorded by some pillock outside the studio, dangling a mic off the roof, near an open window..
    Precious few unreleased goodies from this band. Last time I saw them was in Philly a few years ago.Along with my brothers, I took my friend Matt, who was attending his first and only Stones show. We played golf during the day, Matt had a hole-in -one. We get to the show, dismayed to be up in the nose-bleed seats,@$150 per. Matt goes to get us some beers, while we try to reconcile our fates. He comes back, “Gentleman, follow me”. We walk down to the fifth row center, while he explains that some roaming angel working for the Stones took pity and gifted us these seats. We’re sitting(standing) behind three huge Hell’s Angels in full regalia. Two shoulders over, a girl lifts her shirt and shows off her titties, while her boyfriend sheepishly explains”I dunno, she just does stuff like that”. Tiny titans charge on stage. Philly knuckleheads roar, memories of getting ripped off by bad bootlegs fade away, and the over-arching plan of the Universe is revealed. Stuff like that.

  4. I only buy them when they cost $10 or less. “Pay Your Dues” comes from an unreleased album of outtakes from Metamorphosis allegedly entitled Necrophilia, which is easily found for considerable less than $20 online, if you know what i mean.

  5. I recently played at a gig and my friend Glenn Cornick (Jethro Tull’s first three albums) steps up and plays bass with us for about a half an hour. My friends who were in the audience said they had never seen me so happy. Happier than Hell. A real big shit-eating smile on my face.
    Glenn was standing by afterward, everyone was sort of laughing at me and I turned to Glenn and all I had to say was “I guess it’s a bit like Jamming With Edward right?”
    He thought it was funny as fuck that I even knew what that was or made reference…just in case folks don’t know, the smile refers to the artwork on the cover of this off-center record. Thanks but take little notice again. Mick X

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