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Rock N Roll Animal

Rock N Roll Animal

This Is An A Chord

This Is An A Chord

Lou Reed fans suffer greatly, so this post is for them. It’s fun to take the piss out of Lou, he’s an easy target.
“My Name Is Lou” is not Lou Reed, but an incredible simulation. It’s by The Bogues, an Atlanta quartet whose 1994 “Stereo Sound Blast”, included this loving tribute. Only a true fan would capture all the nuance, or lack of it in this hilarious send-up of Lou’s later work.
It’s got all the clunky lines and lame details he’s known for.
The sound is perfect, down to the solo, it could be an outtake from “Legendary Hearts”, “Mistrial”, or “New York”.
I couldn’t find much in the way of additional information on The Bogues, making this pretty obscure. I will say that the rest of the album is just as awkward as late period Lou. I would love to watch him listen to this.

I’ve also included “Do The Ostrich”, Lou’s “first” single, probably from 1964. It was one of the cheapo knock-offs he did for Pickwick Records, released under the name of The Primitives.  Draped in Velvet, it celebrates a non-existent dance craze.
One of the Velvet Undergrounds first shows was a battle of the bands at a suburban New Jersey high school, in support of this single.
“Sneaky Pete”, also by The Primitives s probably the B side and starts with the same intro as “Rock And Roll”. “Cycle Annie” and “I’ve Got A Tiger In My Tank” are by The Beachnuts, while “You’re Driving Me Insane” is by The Roughnecks. All filled with the kind of poetry Lou is famous for. Some are more Velvet than others. “You’re Driving Me Insane” would not sound out of place next to Run, Run, Run, for instance.
To my knowledge these have never been re-released in any official form. This is from a vinyl bootleg I bought in 1983.

I’m sure Lou would rather you didn’t hear them.

Last is my personal favorite Lou Reed song from 1977’s “Street Hassle” It’s “Dirt”. Lou plays everything except the drums. It’s a poison pen letter to his manager. It’s full of surprising twists and turns. It’s why I put up with Lou.

My Name Is Lou
Do The Ostrich
Sneaky Pete
Cycle Annie
I’ve Got A Tiger In My Tank
You’re Driving Me Insane

7 thoughts on “My Name Is Lou

  1. I don’t know man.
    I guess I really hate Lou Reed.
    Lines like ‘you know that bitch will never fuck again” sounded cool when I was a kid but I think most of his shit is banal. Then why do I still have a couple dozen of his records? Maybe I’ll listen to them when I’ll “never fuck again”.
    They might be worth some cash to some unsuspecting young wanna be.
    Have you seen the Berlin album 200th year anniversary concert?
    I did, and it was just at most, okay. Who gives a fuck?
    There’s something to be said about being in the right place at the right time.
    This guy was lucky as hell to play with John Cale and somehow be mixed up with The Factory.
    At best, let me make it clear. I think Lou Reed is kind of a tame asshole.
    Now, all you other chumps chime in and let’s get something happening here.
    You want clunky lines and lame details? Jonathan Richman is way fucking better at pinpointing nuances of daily messed up shit and love, but his details are not lame. They take you somewhere.
    Love and Kisses!

  2. I realized by following Lou up with some real songwriters that I really made him look like a chump. Which he is. How many Lou Reed albums can you listen to all the way through? The answer? None.

  3. I think “Metal Machine Music” is better than alot of his catalog. “Take No Prisoners Live”? “The Bells”? “RockN Roll Heart”? The list is pretty endless. I’ll tell you what kind of artist Lou Reed is: a con artist. And not even a good one.

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