The Beatles Revolution Take 20


The legendary, unreleased “Revolution 1 (Take 20)” has surfaced. Mark Lewisohn tells us in The Beatles Recording Sessions  that this take (#18, revised to #20 after overdubs) was the first track recorded for The White Album, begun on May 30, 1968. Takes 1-17 were shorter, more conventional versions of the song, but #18/20 (the take edited and used on the album) went on for over 10 minutes, dissolving into chaos and inspiring the infamous “Revolution 9” – which used some of this track’s sounds, effects & voices (like Yoko Ono’s familiar “you become naked”).

Revolution Remix is mine.  Made out of all the opportunities created by “FULL DIMENSIONAL STEREO”

About 15 years ago I found “The Forger’s Art”, a book mostly about a famous case where an “artist” forged some “new” Vermeer’s and successfully sold them.  One ended up in a National Museum of Art somewhere.  He was tried and found guilty, but he was somewhat redeemed for fooling the Nazi’s, too. Besides reproductions of his really bad painting (it’s amazing they fooled anyone), there was reproduced “The Disintegration of Faith” by Jan Van Toorop.  The moment I saw it I spotted  The Beatles “Revolver” in it.  The more I looked, I became convinced there was a connection.

Where's John?

Where's John?

“Revolver” came out a few months after John Lennon was forced to publicly apologize for saying that The Beatles were “Bigger than God”.  I got to thinking that quoting “The Disintegration of Faith” was an inside joke between John, and Klaus Voorman, the artist responsible for the cover, and a friend of his since the Hamburg days.  Eventually I emailed Klaus directly and asked about it.  I lost his response, archived who knows where, which while not unfriendly, essentially denied there was a connection, but in a manner that could be interpreted a number of ways . I remember it started with, “High, Alan”.  So I wrote back, thanking him for answering, and with a promise not to continue harrassing him, but per chance he would enjoy seeing what I saw.  I attached what you see here, the area featuring the visual quote .  It’s really the drawn John with the hand over his head, near the middle, in the lower right quadrant.  I never heard from Klaus again.

Revolution Take 20

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