The Act You’ve Known For All These Years

This has been a popular idea for some time.
I first encountered it in the ’70’s when critic Robert Hilburn suggested in the LA Times that although they’d broken up, you could assemble virtual albums from their solo work.
This can be done for every year they all made albums.
The first possibility is most interesting to me.
Almost all of these songs, except for the selections from “Plastic Ono Band” (which include Ringo), were at least written while they were still a band, if not rehearsed during “Let It Be”.


It’s clear they were all moving in different directions, but that was also apparent on “The White Album”.



Beatles ’70

4 thoughts on “The Act You’ve Known For All These Years

  1. I first encountered this concept in the early 70s on a bootleg record. And it did work pretty well. I’m looking forward to checking out your version, but I do have one question/quibble — I’m surprised you didn’t include Ringo’s “It Don’t Come Easy” — it was released in early ’71 but recorded in 1970 with some serious Beatle participation — George Harrison co-wrote it and is all over it instrumentally.

    For my own amusement, I may add both sides of the single to your collection — “It Don’t Come Easy” as the first song on side 3, and “Early 1970” as the last song on side 4 – that way, John’s depressing & spiteful “the dream is over” is replaced as the final statement by the more goofily hopeful “When I come to town, I wanna see all three.”

    In any case, thanks for this, a fun project!

  2. I started with strictly first album releases for material, but then opened it up a bit with Paul’s “Another Day”. I simply forgot about “It Don’t Come Easy”, and you’re right, it would have been a good choice. I confess I’ve never heard “Early 1970”. I will check that out immediately. Thanks!

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