Lou Reed & Metallica

Worse than You can Imagine

I just this minute found out Lou Reed and Metallica made an album. I sampled about a minute of each tune on YouTube and it’s effin terrible.

Except if “Iced Honey” had been on “The Bells”, or “Growing up In Public”, or “Mistrial”, or “Legendary Hearts”, or “Sally Can’t Dance”, or “Rock N Roll Heart”, or even “The Blue Mask”, it would have been the best song on the album.
I’m not saying it’s good, but it sounds like above average late period Lou. Someone will say “update of Velvets sound”. Not necessarily a good thing.

File Under: What Were They Thinking?

These guys are hard on their fans, that’s for sure.


I saw this comment: “This oughtta make “St Anger” sound better”.

Can you say Super Heavy?

9 thoughts on “Lou Reed & Metallica

  1. As painful as it is I think the album is, “Iced Honey” ranks right up there with, I Wanna Boogie With You”.

  2. The short answer is yes, it’s worse than “Metal Machine Music”. One reason is that “MMM” has no lyrics or Lou’s degraded singing voice. Also it doesn’t include Metallica, a group who went from genre defining to “Some Kind Of Monster”.
    The fact that “MMM” was released at the height of Lou’s commercial success as a kind of F-bomb to his fans is one of the most inexplicable career moves known to Western Civilization and qualifies it as “performance art”, however cynical. “MMM” is a single idea, and has a certain purity. “LULU” is simply misguided pretentious bullshit.
    However, both being unlistenable makes it all moot.

  3. I picked up Lou’s MMM back in the later ’70’s and found it useful in college days when guests couldn’t remember it was time to leave.
    “You have to hear this new album I got.”
    Never took more than 3 or 4 minutes of playing.

  4. “LULU” probably won’t provide the same function. Your guests would last at least twice as long, unable to turn away from the train wreck. Another reason why “MMM” is better, hard as that is to believe. It’s also better than “Hudson River Wind Meditations”(2007), which from the 30 seconds I’ve heard is akin to “MMM” slowed to half speed.
    I’m not too prolific a writer, so I can’t say when it will be “published”, but the next post I’m planning is a Lou Reed overview highlighting more of his early Pickwick days.
    There is no other “serious” artist more fun to ridicule.

  5. Just discovered this site by being directed a Syd Barrett article (stole that pic of him after he had shaved his head and eyebrows). I hope that the fact that it hasn’t been updated for 10 months doesn’t mean the well has dried up. Not a Metallica fan except maybe that first album, but the idea of dualing up with Mr. Reed sounds horrible…I’m taking your word for it that it does indeed suck. Anyway I have bookmarked your link, I hope you will continue to post again. Thanx.

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