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As mentioned in the profile, and other previous posts, the original now that’s what I call bullshit, was thrown together really quickly, but had a great flow and energy. If you make a lot of mix cd’s, then you know some turn out better than others. A good one will stand up to repeated listenings. Some assemble easily and others don’t. Number one was effortless and encouraged me to make another. Number Two had a lot to live up to. It took all week to assemble, with a couple failed prototypes along the way. This time the effort paid off. The result was a lot more variety, and a couple real real sleepers.
Things start off fine with memorable tunes by The Mermen, BRMC, Love Story In Blood Red, but really begin to go places with Ed Harcourt’s “Hanging With The Wrong Crowd”, followed by the aptly titled, “Nightmare”. Duncan Browne is a reminder that being a singer song writer is not alway a bad thing. “Babe Rainbow” is beautifully rendered. Magic Sam’s “Funky G Street” is a hair raising instrumental, Junior Kimbrough is transcendent, and Mattafix provides a conscious multi-culti international take on classic soul with “Big City Life”.

Here’s something I found about Nancy Boy:

Led by the progenies of two ’60s rockers, hippy-dippy Donovan and blue-hatted Monkee Mike Nesmith, pomo new wavers Nancy Boy definitely rebelled against their musical pedigree, emphasizing fashion and style over traditional substance. Model Donovan Leitch and Jason Nesmith threw Bowie, Suede, Duran Duran, and Blur in a blender and served up their self-titled full-length debut in 1996, competing with the post-grunge, Creed-infested landscape of alternative music. With their skinny ties and eyeliner, they didn’t stand a chance.

Anyway this is one of the better mixes, so I thought I’d share it. now that’s what I call bullshit 2 was assembled during the first week of June, 2006. I listened to this the whole summer I spent down in South Jersey as a surf bum.
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The Original artifact

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  1. This is great! Tonight is the “Behind the Scenes Tour” for the public and I have a slideshow prepared of all the projects and exhibits we’ve worked on the last year and this music is gonna kick it up a notch.
    Imagine looking at slides of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit while listening to Big City Life and Hanging with the wrong crowd. This is gonna be fun! I’ll let you know if I still have a job on Monday!

  2. Where have I been? I thought I had subscribed to this Bullshit. I had to, got to, hang out with the junior Donovan when NBC was filming a schlock TV mini series in my shop a while ago. It was called, you guessed it, The 60’s. You can even rent it at your local DVD dump. Donovan gave me a copy of Nancy Boy, not that I could tell you where it is now, but I liked it. He was a nice cat. Also in the fray was Carnie Phillips of Wilson Phillips fame…she was very sweet as well. We had a great time even though those film making idiots take forever to get anything done. Oh well….it was fun and they paid me a lot of cash. Speaking of Donovan, Room Eleven at the Joshua Tree Inn is where the other Donovan hangs out when he wants to get his Gram On. I’ve stayed there and it’s pretty handy. Room 8 is perhaps something to avoid. I’ve been in there but don’t know if I’d want to stay there.

  3. Was pointed to your site from WIllard’s Wormholes and decided to start with NTWICB #2. Awesome stuff here, most of which I haven’t heard (or don’t recall at least). Nice work and please keep posting your mixes!

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