Bridge of Sighs

Guitar Hero for sure

Guitar Hero for sure

From 1974

This was inspired by the famous Ponte de Sospiri bridge in Venice, also known as the “Bridge of Sighs.” The bridge got its name in the 17th century, when prisoners who passed through it on their way to the prison cells on the other side would most likely see the beautiful sight of the lagoon and the island of San Giorgio and freedom for the last time.
Trower: “The funny thing about the title song is that I had the opening guitar riff for about 6 months before I could come up with the turnaround section. I loved that opening lick so much. I was determined to make the second half just as perfect. So I waited and waited… and then it came to me. The band played it for the first time at Winterland in San Francisco and we received something like a 10 minute standing ovation. It obviously had magic.”

This is utterly sublime. Can you believe they used to make music like this and it was popular? Rock is dead, that’s why I’m curating.

I’ve been to Venice and experienced the bridge of sighs.  A beautiful city I highly recommend visiting.  Especially go in the off-season.  I had a great time in January.  No tourists.  Not crowded.  55 degrees most of the time. Rained occasionally. Magical place to get lost.  Hemingway’s favorite watering hole builds a fine cocktail.

Robin Trower-Guitar, James Dewar-Bass,Vocals, and Reg Isidore-Drums

Bridge Of Sighs

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