Newark From Landfill

Newark From Landfill

Again, apologies for being a bad blogger. Life has been too interesting to spend more time sitting here hunting and pecking.
After this I promise I’ll post something good.
This is my latest painting. I wanted to make a beautiful picture of something not usually thought of that way.
Here also is a brief video of it’s creation. I made the music, too.

I've been playing a lot of music lately. This is with with Globular Cluster.

Newark From Landfill

2 thoughts on “Newark From Landfill

  1. How is it that you never cease to make me sick? You need a haircut and for christ sakes, take that horn out cha mouth! What’s with the Les McCann and Eddie Harris “I hate jazz” soundtrack?
    Them cats you be hangin’ with look way too young for your ass! Have you lost your fucking marbles or what? If you was a lady you’d look just like that Rowland S. Mu’fukkin’ Howard and shit! I’m startin’ to think you might o’ got a touch of the “Ass Burgers” Disorder. Focus! Bofus? Do you need a job? Your behavior as of late is strictly delinquent. You’ve made me very proud.

  2. Nice view. I’m glad you painted over the spectral blue forms of dead mobsters that were there at the beginning. I’m thinking of harvesting some of that barley for my next batch of Homebrew. Meanwhile don’t listen to DV.

    The hippyfreak cowboy look screams out badass, and plus, you’re right in tune with my idea for a remake of Easy Rider, where instead of canyons and National Parks, the backdrop will be derelict blast furnaces and landfill hell. You can fill Dennis Hopper’s shoes, soon to RIP.

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