I Am The Walrus


Something else you need to hear. A Beatles cover that equals the original.  So different it defies comparison.

This band was full of sidemen.  Luther Grosvenor was also Aerial Bender in Mott The Hoople (1974).  Chris Stainton was the musical director for Joe Cocker on “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”, Henry McCulloch was on something by Paul McCartney, Mike Kellie ended up in The Only Ones.  Alan Spenner is on a stray Roxy Music album as a session player.  I’m not sure what I should remember Mike Harrison for.  The song is from The Last Puff (1970).

Terrible album cover

Terrible album cover

I Am The Walrus

Band Members

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers

  • Mike Harrison
  • Luther Grosvenor
  • Henry McCulloch
  • Chris Stainton
  • Alan Spenner
  • Mike Kellie

Track Listing

The Songs/tracks on “The Last Puff” are

    Side One:

  • I am the Walrus
  • The Wrong Time
  • Something to Say
    Side Two:

  • Nobody There At All
  • Down River
  • Son of Your Father
  • The Last Puff

5 thoughts on “I Am The Walrus

  1. Henry did the awesome guitar solo on the McCartney/Wings song “My Love”. He also has a sound bite on “dark Side of the Moon” and played with Joe Cocker.

  2. I really love Spooky Tooth-their version of janis Ian’s “Societies Child” is perfect.
    I like “Spooky Two” with “Lost in a Dream” and “Better By You Better Than Me”.
    Great blog by the way.

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