Chula Vista 8:46 AM


Originally captured with cell on 8/25/09.

It’s been too long since the last post, and I’m sorry about that. Instead I’ve been finishing up this painting, video and music. I originally bought the domain to host a webpage for my art, but instead I started the music blog. I’ve posted this on all the usual social networks, and introduced it by saying, “Sorry it’s been so long since the last one. Life takes interesting twists and turns.” Like starting a blog.

I created the music for the video. I’m a better painter than musician, so it’s my main thing, although both muses fight for my attention. I’m in the process of putting together a show of the first paintings completed after a fifteen year break.
The webpage is next. After a couple more paintings.

The videos were initially an afterthought, but have become integral to my process. There is always the moment, after I’ve sketched it quickly in yellow, magenta, and blue, that I wish I could stop and be satisfied with it. I almost regret the first brushstrokes afterwards, which are usually starting to paint the sky. With the video that moment, and many others are preserved.
Another opportunity for the painting to further explain itself.

The file was too large to host, so here it is on YouTube:

Or Vimeo:

Chula Vista 8:46 AM

One thought on “Chula Vista 8:46 AM

  1. Nice! It’s about time…it was getting lonely out here without nowthatswhatIcallbullshit. Every morning I set about my business of Irish Coffee and logging on to see what manner of mischief in which I might engage myself. Only this morning I find a different kind of bullshit. A short meditation with an inside look at the inspiration and execution of a brilliant work of art. I set off to figure out a little more and discovered this…
    Time for a road trip? Maybe before some other genius decides to demolish another gorgeous and sturdy home that might inspire further hope for those who might encounter an adaptation or the real thing. Was that Mini-Mall worth it? I want a driveway like the Skinner House had. I think today is going to be just fine.

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