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Wish I had that guitar..........

Wish I had that guitar..........

All the great country stars we know started out playing Rockabilly. It worked for Elvis, right? By the time the King went into the army, the fad was over and most every one reverted to country music. Conway Twitty was no exception. Like everyone else he did some recording at SUN (1955-6).
These songs were recorded in Nashville (1960). “Lonely Blue Boy” is the (S)HIT. With me anyway. Not sure how it charted. The reverb on the guitar and the catch in his voice on the pause are why I listen to music. Consider “Long Black Train” the b-side of this single. Whole album is worth a listen, but the cd has 30 tracks. How much of this stuff do you really need?

Lonely Blue Boy
Long Black Train

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