I Don’t Know My Jazz From A Hole In The Ground

Been tripping on a lot of newish fusion. Seems King Crimson and 70’s prog rock are as big an influence on these guys as The Mahavishnu Orchestra or Jazz in general. I avoided the obvious and tried to stick with newish guitar oriented stuff. In other words, No Jeff Beck, or Al Dimeola. In general I’m pretty traditional in my limited appreciation of Jazz. Monk is probably my favorite, followed by the other “M” guys, Miles, and Mingus.
Most of the music is from the aughts, with a couple exceptions. While assembling this I started to think it needed some James Blood Ulmer, who was at the end of the first wave of fusion, but was a little too forward thinking and didn’t really fit in at the time. The blistering “Black Rock” (1982) somehow manages to sound like Captain Beefheart and James Brown at the same time. Jef Lee Johnson’s Jungle (1993) was included to keep Blood company as the only other vocal. T.J. Kirk (1995) was a band featuring Charlie Hunter on 8 string guitar, who derived their name from the fact that they play the music of Thelonious Monk, James Brown, and Roland Kirk. Marc Ribot made the cut with this tune from Rootless Cosmopolitans (1990).

I wrote this post awhile ago but just got around to putting it up. I listened to the comp a bunch of times and couldn’t decide whether to add some newer stuff I’ve “acquired”. Today I was notified of some spam comments so when I deleted them I decided, “Fuck it, I’m just going to post the sucker.”

Link in Comments. Enjoy!

Sanford and Son